Hey there. I design legible products and services for people. I have an explorer mindset and work best during the early stages of a project, although I moonlight as a systems thinker when I can.

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I’m currently a Senior Experience Designer at Symplicit helping large organisations learn more about their customers. I’m also teaching at the Masters of Communication Design course on User Experience, Speculative Design, and Data Visualisation.

Before this I worked on Stax – a tool for managers to have insight into their cloud stack – as the UX Designer on a small-ish product team in a startup environment. I’ve also facilitated product workshops, designed apps, stumbled as a freelance graphic designer, and irrigated potato fields.

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I used to run Prototypes and popcorn: a monthly movie night looking at methods, tools, and artefacts of design. Season 2 should start early 2018 with a different format.

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I occasionally write about our food system in a post GFC and iPhone world; before that I was interested in writing about intrinsic motivation, everyday tradeoffs, and systems vs surfaces.

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I also used to blog at Nevolution.

I’ve been lucky to work on some interesting side projects with some really great people over the years.

Spoke at Product Camp and the Elabor8 lunch meetup on Comics, grammar, and product narratives.
Organised the Design and Cultural Systems course for Melbourne Free University.
Wrote on how design shapes the future, and patterns in videogames for Desktop magazine.
Spoke to students at Canberra University on generative identity systems.
Helped the Melbourne Museum of Printing get back on its feet.
I’ve also written for Three Thousand, Pie Paper, Design Reporter, and more.


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