Hey there. I’m a designer, researcher, and educator living in the anthropocene. I have an explorer mindset and work best during the early stages of a project, when there is a high amount of uncertainty to chew through.

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I’m currently helping people understand their electricity usage at Origin Energy. We need to transition our civilisation to sustainable energy, this feels like the best place to work on this right now.

Every semester or two I teach Data Visualisation or Speculative design and UX to the Masters of Communication Design students at RMIT. Before this I was at Vision Australia, designing their library app and defining the information architecture for the website. I’ve also worked at the UX consultancy Symplicit, and for a small startup with a focus on data insights. My previous experience as a crepe chef and working on a farm irrigating potato fields has still not been of much use.

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I run Prototypes and Popcorn; a monthly meetup looking at the adjacent possible of design. Think of it as the antidote to most other UX oriented meetups. Two speakers a month, on a vaguely related topic, with free popcorn.

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I used to write about our food system in a post GFC and iPhone world; before that I was interested in writing about intrinsic motivation, everyday tradeoffs, and systems vs surfaces. Blogging is hard. Blogging with children is harder.

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I also used to blog at Nevolution.

I’ve been lucky to work on some interesting side projects with some really great people over the years.

Organised the Design and Cultural Systems course for Melbourne Free University.
Wrote on how design shapes the future, and patterns in videogames for Desktop magazine.
Spoke to students at Canberra University on generative identity systems.
Helped the Melbourne Museum of Printing get back on its feet.
I’ve also written for Three Thousand, Pie Paper, Design Reporter, and more.


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