Algal baggage


A few algae related threads have caught my eye a few weeks ago. Currently only a medium level Baader Meinhof event, but it’s worth keeping an eye on for now. Two completely different contexts, and almost opposite sides of a 2x2 matrix in a competitive landscape slide deck somewhere.

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The Day is for Eating


In which I’m convinced that #cleaneating and #wellness are things we must endure because food just photographs better during the day. There’s more detail, it looks more interesting, and the different items can show themselves. (This theory may or may not be related to me following a whole bunch of fairly inner sub… Continue reading

What I Talk About When I Talk About Food

More than half of the past 10 posts I’ve written here have been about food; there’s something interesting in that. I’m most interested in taking our post-GFC and post-iPhone world as the lens in which to interrogate food trends. Without those two, we wouldn’t have popups, food delivery apps, brisket, bone broth, things in jars, things in bowls, things in hashtags. There … Continue reading