I give talks that are a mixture of the practical and the rhetoric. Some of them use design to help teams work better, while others ask how we can be better designers.

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Design and the Anthropocene looks at the responsibility of design in a changing world and why we can’t seem to fix it, mostly because of the blindness of Human Centred Design

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Given at Melbourne Geek Night

Comics and Storytelling is a talk with activities that gives the audience an understanding of how to frame the tempo of a product story or journey.

Look at the slides in a pdf
Given at Given at Product Camp, Symplicit Academy Sessions, and Elabor8 Lunch and Learn

Prototypes and Fidelity uses comics to look at how and why to move from uncertainty to certainty with your prototypes, and the costs that come with each iteration

Look at the slides in a pdf
Given at the Melbourne UX Design Group

A primer on Jobs to be Done was developed to increase the understanding of the methods of the Jobs framework to coworkers

Look at the slides in a pdf
Given at Symplicit Academy Sessions